Academic Calendar and Event List


2020 – 2021

Grade I & VIII

Sr. No. Month Date Day Celebrations & CCA Category
  April 08/04/2020 Wednesday Sparrow Feeding Group
  June 12/06/2020 Saturday School Gardaning project (Tree Plantation) Group
    22/06/2020 Monday Yoga Day Individual
    29/06/2020 Monday Aashadi Ekadashi Group
  July 04/07/2020 Saturday Guru Purnima Assembly
    10/07/2020 Friday Story Telling Competition in English Individual
    24/07/2020 Friday Handwritting Individual
    31/07/2020 Friday Rakhi Making (Best out of waste) Individual
    04/08/2020 Tuesday Sanskruit Diwas Assembly
    11/08/2020 Tuesday Speech Competition (Independence day) Individual
    13/08/2020 Wednesday Foundation Day (Colouring Competition For Students,Fun games For Grand Parent’s) Individual
    21/08/2020 Friday Clay Workshop (Ganpati Idol) Individual
  September 05/09/2020 Saturday Teachers Day (Solo Singing Competition ) Individual
    07/09/2020 Monday Maths Wizard Individual
    14/09/2020 Monday Hindi Diwas (Speech,Debate Competition ) Individual
  October 01/10/2020 Thursday SwachBharat Abhiyan Group
    15/10/2019 Thursday A.P.J. Abdul Kalam Birth Anniversary (Reading Day) Individual
    16/10/2020 Friday World Food Day (Distribution Of Milk to Students) Individual
    22/10/2020 Thursday Competition Sandwich Making And Bhel Making Individual
  November 12/11/2020 Thursday Diwali Celebration (Diya Colouring,Fort Making Competition) Group
    13/11/2020 Friday Childerns Day ( Fun Fair) Individual
  December 01/12/2020 Tuesday Langadi (Group and Individual) Skipping ,Boxing,Bat minton,Kho-Kho,Kabaddi,Box Cricket,Running(50 mtr,100 mtr),Aarchery Individual,Group
    02/12/2020 Wednesday Chess,Carrom,Raifal Shooting,Basketball,Handball,three leg race,sack Race,Ball Throw Competition,Disc throw game.
    03/12/2020 Thursday Sports Final (All Games)
    06/12/2020 Sunday Traditional Sports Day For Parent’s (Tyre Race,Marble And Spoon,Dog Bone)  
    22/12/2020 Tuesday Mathematics Day Assembly
    24/12/2020 Thursday Christmas Celebration(Candle Decoration Competition)  
  January 12/01/2021 Tuesday Solo Dance Competition Individual
    16/01/2021 Saturday Speech Competition (Republic Day) Individual / Group
    26/01/2021  Tuesday  Republic Day Celebration  
    30/01/2021  Saturday  Annual  day  
  February   01/02/2021 Monday  World Surya namaskar din  Assembly 
    18/02/2021  Thursday  Shiv jayanti (Fancy Dress Competition,Essay Competition)  Individual 
    27/02/2021   Saturday Marathi Rajybhasha diwas (Speech Competition, Debate) Individual  
  March   1/03/2021  Monday Science Day (Science Exhibitions )  Individual