Parents Feedback

1.’I think the school is good for my child.’

Parag sontakke ( Parents of Aaradhya Pradip Jadhav class 3ed  )

2.’My child’s progress is amazing, she really enjoys coming to school.’

Shekhar Rai( Parents of  Priyesh Shekhar Rai class 3ed  )

3.Overall, my child has progressed massively in Year 2.’

 – Vipul Tare( Parents of  Hardik Vipul Tare class 3ed )

4.‘My child is very happy, the teaching staff are very good at nurturing and developing the children’s academic skills as well as social interaction and productive play.’

 – Rampati Nishad( Parents Vikas Rampati Nishad class 6th  )

5.’I love this school, keep it up, good teachers – you guys are so welcoming.’

 – Lalji saroj( Parents Shivam Lalji saroj  class 6th  )

6.’My child and I are happy with his progress in Year 2, his teachers are lovely and we will be sad not to have them next year. Thank you Gurukul.’

 – Nilesh Wadekar( Parents Kaivalya Nilesh Wadekar class 6th )

7.’My child has had some ups and downs in year, but his teacher and the school have helped.’

  – Dipak Borse( Parents Snehal Dipak Borse class 3ed  )