Creating Compassionate Citizens (image of kids discussing)

We believe that every child is special and deserves to be treated with trust, love and care so that he/she may grow up into a compassionate human being with high self-worth.

Exploring Individual Potential (image of kid playing instruments )

We recognize that each child has different talent and thus endeavour to offer our students the opportunity, environment and freedom to pursue different activities suiting their individual interest and abilities.

Ethical Leadership

We are aware that children learn more from what they see as being practiced by elders around them than they merely hear from them. Therefore, we lay great emphasis on right conduct by the teachers in our school and also urge our parent community to set the right example for their children.

In Pursuit of Excellence

We are committed to excellence in all our efforts and strive to inculcate the habit of excellence in our student as well.

Life Long Learners

We believe that children learn best when they find learning interesting. Therefore, we find ways and means to make the learning experience interesting for our children.

Discovering & Nurturing New Dynamism

We believe that, for the over-all development of a child as a responsible social being with high self-esteem and confidence, he/she must be encouraged and enabled to pursue activities apart from academics, be it sports, arts, literature or other areas.

Collaborative Efforts

We believe that the school and the parents are equal partners in the development of child, and a relationship between the two based on understanding, trust, and sensitivity to each other’s positions is of paramount importance in achieving our common goal of our children’s all round development.